Undiscovered goes beyond the headlines, hunting down stories from the fringes of society.

In our frenzied news cycle, some of the most impactful, heartbreaking stories from around the world pass us by. Our original reporting takes a deeper look at what your newsfeed might have missed.

Each week, we’ll introduce you to people you never thought you’d meet. From notorious warlords and practicing Satanists, to the vets on a mission to rescue abandoned animals from ISIS-occupied Iraq.

Join host Jake Warren to meet the humans behind the headlines, with new episodes every Tuesday.

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THE RIGHT TO DIE Dying with dignity or playing god? Despite drawing support across a broad coalition on religious, medical and moral grounds, the question of legalising assisted dying in the UK remains unanswered. Today, we meet people immersed in both sides of the debate - and ask if Britain should give people the right to die.


THE ART OF THE HEIST Across Europe, incredibly valuable pieces of Chinese art are disappearing from museums and personal collections alike. In our investigations into who is behind these Hollywood style heists - we explore a shadowy picture of government interests, criminal repatriation, and opportunistic hustlers.


WHAT HAPPENED AT UNIT 731? In one of the largest covered up atrocities of World War 2, the Japanese army conducted human experiments using both chemical and germ weapons on living prisoners. However, unlike the Nazis, there were no repercussions for those responsible. In today’s episode, we grapple with what actually happened and how it still affects Japan - and the world - today.


SATANIC PANIC 2.0 Is there a secret cabal of child sacrifice, blood-letting and devil worship? Or is Satanism a misunderstood force for good in the world? In today's episode of Undiscovered, we see all sides of the story.


THE LION, THE BEAR AND THE WAR ZONE If you feared for your life, would you stop to consider the lives of animals? In Mosul, the local zoo had been long abandoned amidst the chaos and destruction of ISIS occupation. Two animals, Lula the bear and Simba the lion, remained trapped in the city. Today we hear from the vet, Dr Amir Khalil, who made it his mission to save their lives.

Season One Episode One

KONY 2019 After Kony 2012 went viral, the Ugandan warlord’s days seemed numbered. Seven years, and $800 million dollars later, he is still at large. This week, on Undiscovered, we find out why.

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Go beyond the headlines as host Jake Warren guides you through stories from around the world that are often ignored, forgotten or sidelined by the news cycle.

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